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Places are limited to the first 36 places but that should hopefully be plenty.  We have the Templar to ourselves for 2 hours, we hope to get all groups off simultaneously on different tees (shotgun start).

It is Scotland in the middle of winter, so check the weather forecast in advance, please ensure your child arrives 10 minutes early, and is appropriately dressed for the time of year, gloves, hats, base layers, golf shoes etc. We will be playing through to about 1pm so ensure they have been fed and have a snack to keep them going.

We will try and make the event light hearted, and fun, and give out some prizes and selection boxes etc.

All ages and standard of player are most welcome. Look forward to seeing you all then.

David (Junior Convenor)

You should of all received an invitation Email from David to enter – you can also enter by calling the Shop on 0131 445 2239 option1


We are planning to run a fun Texas Scramble, open to all under 12’s this Friday, 21 August between 5 and 5.30pm. Please book a time if you intend to come, this helps us comply with the Scottish Government guidelines on test and protect. Please note due the nature of a scramble this might not be the exact time you start, nor with whom you are next to on the tee sheet.
Please start to congregate around the 1st tee around 5.00pm and we will put you into groups of 3 or 4, trying our best a mix of newer and experienced players.
For newer younger members, scrambles are for absolutely all ages and abilities, and low pressure as the best shot is taken on each occasion. It’s a great fun way to play the game, whilst introducing a small element of competition.
We need parents to stay and help with a group, I know most of you do this anyway.
Make sure you child is fed, has a drink in their bag, and check the weather forecast for possible showers etc. Sadly we cannot congregate indoors and provide snacks afterwards as we have done in the past, though we hope that will be back next season.

For those players who have been playing a while and are regularly breaking 40 on the Templar, we will open up the 6 hole layout on the Templar on Sunday the 6th, 13th and 20th of September to obtain official golf handicaps. This should not be undertaken unless you feel your child is ready, each round (3 loops of 6) takes at least 2 hours, and this has to be done on 3 separate occasions. We will individually try and contact those who we feel are definitely ready for this, we urge parents not to do this if their child is not ready. More to follow on this, but get the dates in your diary.

Kind Regards
Junior Convenor



ARRAN WATT                                                    ALANNAH NICHOL & JAMES STRONACH



Since the middle of May we have added 44 new Junior members to the section which is fantastic however as our total number of Juniors is now over 100 we have had to introduce a Waiting List – please do not allow this to stop you enquiring about joining.

We are also looking at exactly what the club can offer in the way of group coaching, flag and fun events in view of the constantly changing Phase 2 government restrictions and guidelines and as soon as it is clear we will be in touch.

In the meantime we look forward to seeing you all on the Templar Course with friends and relatives.


Since “lockdown”our planned activities for Easter into the school summer holidays including the Friday Fun Nights have been totally wiped out .

The good news is we have added 24 new junior members to the club
Some of the new members parents will have missed some of our newsletters so I have copied below the last three published
If you have any questions please contact me Mike Robson Club Manager


5 JUNE 2020                                                                                 JUNIOR FLAG EVENT
Dear Junior Member
First of all thank you to all of you who have joined the “Swanston Junior Members” closed Facebook group. We plan to use this for all sorts of golfing content over the seasons ahead and beyond, please request to join if you haven’t already.
Today we launch our first ever VIRTUAL FLAG COMPETITION!
This is for all junior golfers without a handicap to be played on the Templar Course. You can start playing right away, and you can have as many goes as you wish. Submit your best effort.
You simply start at first hole and hit the ball 36 times, and get as far as you can the course. For example on your first go, you may reach 8 feet on the 6th green. Your second go around you may reach the front of the 8th green etc.
Normal rules of golf apply, except if you get stuck in a bunker throw the ball out on your fourth attempts (after 3 failed attempts). Maximum score on a hole 10 (move on to the next hole after 10 blows)
You have until Midnight on Tuesday the 16th June to submit your best effort. This should be posted on the new Junior Facebook Group ideally, it can simply be a description (e.g. front of the 9th green), and if possible a photograph of the golfer in the exact spot to go alongside this (on new Junior Facebook Group) would be great.
Rounds must be witnessed, either by another golfer, but ideally by an adult. There will be prizes for the winners, which I may split into primary school age and secondary depending on entry.
I will be announcing something for our more experienced juniors with handicaps shortly as well.
Have a great golfing week ahead, and those of you playing please have as many goes as you wish, you should hopefully see improvement the more goes you have. Good luck to all.
David and Alan
Junior Convenors
5 June 2020
3rd June 2020                                                                   JUNIORS OWN CLOSED FACEBOOK PAGE
Dear Junior Golfer
It was great to see so many of our junior members out enjoying a game of golf in what was a fantastic first weekend back after so long.
An important announcement is we have now created a Closed Junior Facebook Group called “Swanston Junior Members”. Please can you search in Facebook and request to join this, there are 3 very simple security questions to answer, and then we can authorise your inclusion.
This group is purely for the Juniors and their parents, all posts are not able to view by the public. We already have several that have joined.
Both Alan and I as joint Junior Convenors feel that especially in this new very different world we are currently in, this online group will hopefully become a key element of your Swanston Junior membership experience. We cannot do physical sessions, or competitions right now; however we can use this private group to set virtual challenges, post coaching video tips, and share our positive golfing experiences and achievements.
We will be setting the first virtual challenge, a 36 shot flag event challenge on the Templar shortly, so do please request to join as soon as possible to be fully involved, as we will post the details on the new FB group. There will be a prize for the winners. We will also set our older team players a challenge on the main course.
Please support this important initiative and I look forward to seeing you soon either in person, or through this new group. We have quite a number of new members who due to the corona virus situation we have not met yet; this is great way to get introduced to both ourselves and all your fellow Swanston Junior Members?
Kind Regards,
David & Alan
(Joint Junior Convenors)
3 June 2020
26 MAY 2020                                                                 JUNIOR SECTION REOPENING
Dear Junior Member
Welcome back! As you will be aware the long awaited return of golf is expected to resume this Friday at 8:00am.
The Club Manager has mentioned that some of you have still to pay your 2020 fees and Mike understands with these unprecedented times your fees were not a priority.
Please arrange to pay them asap and if you’re not sure please contact Mike by replying to this E-mail.
Myself, Alan, Adam, and Mike (Club Manager) and all connected with junior golf at Swanston look forward to seeing on the fairways again this summer.
Adam is allowed under the new guidance to do individual one on one coaching with Juniors , contact ADAM WILLS [email protected] for details or call 07375 550018. It’s so vital to practice good habits, do try and support Adam and you’ll quickly see the benefits through increased enjoyment and lower scores.
Please carefully read the Club’s email from Mike (Club Manager) on Saturday, which sets out guidance on the new post lockdown rules which are very much for your own safety. It’s essential that if planning to play before 7pm that the Club’s online booking system is used for tee times, there can be no exceptions to this, and Marshals will be on course to ensure this happens. You can play with one other member or relative and book them in at the same time.
We had an exciting and busy year planned in the Junior section; however we are now just thankful for the chance to be out playing this great sport again. We cannot resume our Friday night roll ups just yet, and sadly Golf Sixes has been cancelled for the 2020 season but will back next year. All team matches will sadly not take place.
However the Club does definitely plan to run a Club Championship this year if lockdown remains eased, and in the Junior section we also plan to run an U11 (Templar) Championship and obviously an U18 championship (potentially an U14 Blue Tees championship if there are enough numbers). Traditionally this is in August, so that is something to be practicing hard for already.
We also plan to run some competitions in June and July for our younger members on the Templar, and our Juniors with handicaps on the main course. These will be “virtual” in nature, in that you’ll be given maybe a week to 10 days (play anytime) to complete a round and submit the scores, with some prizes on offer. We will provide more details in the next week or two (strict social distancing protocols to apply); hopefully these will help keep you competitive and improving.
We have been in discussion and plan to start a closed Facebook page for our Junior Members. This works really well in other sports clubs I am involved in, and I would encourage you all to support this, it has potential to be a great way of communicating regularly, and for teaching and motivational purposes. Watch this space?
Finally, in this new world we are all in golf is one the safest and sustainable sports even if the virus is with us for a protracted period. Played in the wide outdoors with built in social distancing, it puts golf in a unique and envious position in the world of sport post corona virus. We now have good numbers in our junior section, but we are still looking to expand, and encourage you all to promote the club and this fantastic sport to others who perhaps are looking for something new. I am sure you have neighbours, brothers, sisters, cousins , nephews who might like to ‘give it a try’ , as lockdown restrictions hopefully loosen in the months ahead we may try to facilitate the chance to safely buddy up or potentially provide an intro depending on their past experience, and would do this through the new Facebook Group.
More to follow on a regular basis now we are about to re commence, I wish you all many happy hours on the fairways this summer.
Kindest Regards,
David Morrans– Junior Convenor (Volunteer)
26 May 2020

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Juniors Events  –   Medals & Stablefords

Swanston New Golf Club Juniors

Swanston Golf Club actively promotes Junior golf and our facilities are probably the best in the area and further afield.
We aim to introduce youngsters of all ages and abilities to the game of golf.
We have the Clubs PGA Professional – Adam Wills, assisted by members and parent volunteers fully checked and approved by Scottish Golf’s Protecting Vulnerable Groups regulations.

Regularly used by The Stephen Gallacher Foundation www.sgfoundation.co.uk who have now based their Edinburgh Golf and Learning Centre at Swanston providing FREE golf for the Foundations Juniors on our Templar Course

Midlothian County Ladies Golf Association Junior Girls www.mclga.com and many of Edinburgh’s schools, both primary and secondary are also frequent visitors.

Our own Junior members are encouraged to participate in the Junior Medals and Competitions.

We can never get enough Junior members, our * inexpensive Junior Memberships are available from age 5 to 17.  Junior Member categories are split into two age groups:

Junior-1 – ages 5 – 13 £  7 per month
Junior-2 – ages 14- 17 £  10 per month
All Junior Fees are paid by Direct Debit

One member of the Junior’s family may accompany them and play for free once a week on the Templar Course, all other times the cost will be £5 and other adults can join them and play for £5 at anytime.
Juniors permitted to play on the 18 hole Swanston Course can sign on adult guests at the guest rate.
Any junior with a handicap of 24 or better can play in adult medals, but not win the trophy or sweeps; play must be with at least one non junior member.

All Juniors should gain a handicap of 24 or better before playing on the ‘Swanston’ 18-hole course unaccompanied by an adult.

From the Spring of 2019, Junior Blue Tees are available to play from on the first 9 holes of the Swanston Course between April and October.

For further information please contact The Shop on 0131 445 2239 or E-mail [email protected]