Following consultation with the Board, Dave Elliot, (Greens Convener) and Mike Keogh the Course Manager it has been agreed that the following work will be carried out over the next few months to further enhance our golf course.

Weather permitting we hope to complete all the improvements and additions by the end of March 2018.

It would help if all our members will understand and appreciate the need for this work and at all times be patient with the greenkeepers as they are working on these improvements and alterations.

The greenkeepers hope to start on these projects in the next few days

Thank You

Mike Robson

Club Manager/Secretary.

23 October 2017



Installation of an irrigation system to deliver water to the 10th and 11th greens

6th Tee         Levelling and enlarging the White and Yellow tees as well as opening up the old tee above existing tee.

8th Tee          Levelling and enlarging the White and Yellow tees. Creating a new medal tee below the fence above existing tees.

11th Tee        Creating a new medal tee behind the Ladies tee. Removing existing mounds currently used as Yellow tees

14th Tee        Creating a new medal tee to the east of existing tee.

17th Tee        Enlarging existing tee