Srixon Ball Fitting- Re- arranged date

Re- arranged date Thursday 6 July 4pm to 7pm

You hear about the importance of having your golf clubs fitted. It is also important to ensure that you are playing with a ball which suits your swing speed. It could in the long run, as well as improving your play, save you money as you could be playing with a more expensive ball than you need to .

All you need do is book you time slot via the Shop and turn up on the night with your Driver and the ball you currently use. The Srixon ball expert will analyse your shots with your own ball as well some Srixon balls and recommend what is right for you. On the basis of last year while he will identify the best Srixon ball for you he will not encourage you to change if it will not really benefit you.

The fitting session is open to all members.

It is hoped the later start will be of benefit to those of you who work.

As with last year buy a box of your recommended balls from the Shop on the night and Srixon will give you a free glove